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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Muhammad Harith Irfan. A miracle.

I know blogging seems to be a biennial activity for me now, but at least this post assures you that I'm still alive with all my fingers intact.

Soooo many things have happened since the last time I blogged.

The BIGGEST one has to be the part when another human being came out from my body.

Yes, I gave birth to a healthy and chubby (by my standards) 3.08kg baby boy named Muhammad Harith Irfan on the 20th of April 2013 (4 days earlier than EDD), at 8.23pm at PPUM, KL, despite all odds... Alhamdulillah..

The odds? Too complicated too be detailed out here. 

Suffice to say that I had months of unstoppable bleeding and was told that I had high risks of having a miscarriage, an infection (me & baby), rupture of the placenta, and a pre-term labour. Clearly, kuasa Allah jauuuuuhhhhh lebih hebat dari doctor's predictions.

But for the fear that all those could actually happen, I kept the pregnancy to myself except from family members, a few close friends and colleagues, of course. The bump was too big to go unnoticed at the office. 

To many, it may be a surprise that I suddenly gave birth, when many might not even know I was pregnant.

The truth is, the baby was a surprise to us, the parents, too.. If you know what I mean. ;)

But, Harith... he's just a perfect gift that we didn't know we wanted. Until we had a sneak peek of him through numerous ultrasound sessions and of course when we saw his real self before our eyes on that magical day. 

Looking at him, we know that he's a gift that we've always wanted all this while. Subhanallah...

He is strong. He's a survivor. 

Obviously he's determined to see this world, defying all worldly rules. 

A meaty piece of miracle from Allah indeed. 

A summary of what had happened from Harith's D.O.B:

20.04 - Harith happily arrived in this world, ready to breathe in the world's pleasant vibes and fight world's vicious challenges. 

21.04 - Discharged from the hospital.

 23.04 - Harith was feverish and had jaundice. Warded in paed ward PPUM for 8 days for antibiotics and phototherapy.

24.04 onwards - Mama & Ayah was struggling to find the perfect name for him.

26.06 - We named him Muhammad Harith Irfan bin Saiful Izwan. :)

02.05 - Went back to Kedah for a proper Pantang period. 

03.05  onwards - Checked on Harith's jaundice levels every 4 days at the nearest medical centre.

13.05 - Went to Kedah Medical Centre (KMC) to check on his jaundice levels and for some urine tests.

05.06 - Went to KMC again for an ultrasound KUB session, as instructed by PPUM.

19.06 - 2-month checkup. Harith's weight was 5.3kg. *happy*

24.06 - Returned to Shah Alam, to get used to life here and establish a real daily routine before I start work end of this month. :(

25.06 - Went to PPUM for a follow-up. Had to do yet another urine test and made an appointment for another ultrasound KUB session and follow-up with a renal specialist in July. *wek*

Life's been challenging yet peachy these days with this new addition in our lives. 


I felt Allah's power in my tummy and saw the miracle growing for 9 months, and further witness the unending love it has showered us with, for the past 2.5 months. 

Muhammad Harith Irfan is the epitome of a pleasant surprise. 

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