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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Second Birth Story

It has been 4 months but I still want to put my second birth story into a blog entry. Darwish had one already. and I have to be fair to his lil bro too. One day, my Harith might be able to retrieve this post and hopefully will be reminded of how amazing (and gory) his first life chapter is... and feel blessed hendaknya...

To put it simply, my second labour experience is quicker, more painful, and just as sweet. 

I felt funny like 2-3 days before THE day... Could not really sleep well and kept on worrying about how the journey to the hospital would be like as I planned to give birth in PPUM, where I had my antenatal checkups. They had my records, etc, and I reckoned this would be the best place to deliver my darling. 

On THAT morning, 20th of April 2013, there was some blood show and I was convinced that it's gonna be THE DAY. 

But I did not experience any pain, besides the normal pregnancy discomfort brought about by unimaginable excess weight and backpain. 

Told Mr Hubby about it and we drove to Devi's Corner, Bangsar first for a hearty breakfast at around 830am...hehehe.. Yup, makan lagi penting okaaayyy... The same thing happened when I gave birth to Darwish when we pekena soto kambing dulu on the way to the hospital. Well, I could not eat a lot of things during confinement, so better used the time left before admission and labour to savour real food. 

And on early Saturday morning, the traffic was perfect, unlike my nightmare in which I imagined having my baby delivered by a Traffic Police Officer (macam kat Thailand) on Federal Highway in the middle of jam right at the backseat of my own car!

Then we went to PPUM at around 10ish, and once I told the nurses about the blood show, they immediately told me that I would automatically be admitted, pain or no pain... Just like my first experience earlier too. 

Of course there was this Vaginal Examination (VE) that I hated, because as far as I could remember, it was a very uncomfortable experience. But this time, not only that, it was super painful!!! Macam manusia yang tak reti wat VE je dorang ni...To me, it was a reflex that I lifted my bum upon such gruesome pain, but of course I was scolded by the female doctor saying that I should not do that... Dalam hati, "ko kot tak reti wat VE", this is not my first time...!

Then they said that I was not dilated yet... So I simply stayed in the ward waiting patiently for the REAL pain to come. 

After 2pm, I started to feel a few mild contractions that were pretty much bearable. Of course they were getting more intense and regular... I kept on timing the interval spacing but still managed to perform my Zuhur Asar prayers alhamdulillah. Right after my Asar prayers, I requested the doctor to perform the VE again. Despite the pain, there was no other way to go about it and be admitted to the labour room without one. 

At first they did not want to check, stupidly following what's written on their textbooks perhaps... that I SHOULD have contractions at this and that time. So I simply acted a bit dramatic, konon2 tgh sakit sangat and tak tahan... Yes it was painful everytime the contraction struck, but it was still bearable to me yang konon2 had pretty high pain threshold. 

This time, the VE was performed by a different male doctor. Stillll, it was painful to the max... I concluded that PPUM doctors did not have the right skills to do VE. huhu...

So I was 4cms dilated. Good enough to go to the labour room. That was around 6pm...

So as usual the nurses put straps and whatnot on me and asked me to lie on my left side, saying that it will ease the pain a bit. Then they all left me all alone. The doctor said she would come back to see me at 9pm (yeah right).  

So did the body position help to reduce the pain? TIPU kottt.. Sakit gakk... This time, I got the chance to use the gas. Did not request for it..I guess that's how things are in PPUM.

At first I thought, wowww this thing worked, it distracted me a bit by allowing me to focus on the nice things I have in life along with unending zikir n surah simple2 that I knew. 

After an hour or so, I felt WORSE... no amount of gas or breathing techniques could help.  I was in toooo much pain that I was practically turning and tossing violently on the bed. The well articulated zikir earlier semua hancur jadi mumbling yang tinggal only Allah, Allah je.... The BEST thing was, NO ONE was there...Yes, hubbies are not allowed, BUT korang yang dibayar gaji and patut monitor aku ni pi mana...???? blahhh je tinggal aku sorang2 sakit gile...haaaaa...I was pissed off! In Muar hospital dulu ada gak sorang nurse dok tunggu aku pegang tangan aku lap peluh aku semua... Kerajaan gak!

I kept pressing on the emergency button for what to me seemed ages but no one came..I could not stand the pain, so I simply yelled like a crazy momma "Nursseeeeeee tolongggggg". Then only a nurse came and I told her to give me the so-called pain reducing jab or anything at all coz I just could not stand it anymore... Even during Awish's waaaay milder labour experience too I realised that I was just soooo not into this natural drug-free birth 'myth'...huhuhu.. So she gave me the jab and off she went to God knows where... 

In half an hour or so, the pain did not seem to subside. Thus, again the same thing happened: I pressed the button-no one came- I yelled- the nurse and a doctor came in... Finally they checked and I was already 10cms dilated! and the baby's head could already be seen. No wonder the pain was soooo unbearable that I seriously thought I was either gonna pass out or die...

If I didn't shout for help, I could have given birth on my own just like that and hissshhh I could not imagine what would happen. 

Then they asked me to push and whatnot just like what you usually watch on TV, but I was like a little bit dizzy, the effects of the useless painkiller I think. So, I could not really focus on the doctors' and nurses' directions, like I could during the birth of Darwish 2+ years earlier. Even at that pushing stage, during which I should be lying down at not be moving about that much, I was still tossing and turning and of course lifting my bum in the effort to manage the pain.. Surely the doctors bising lagi cakap "jangan angkat punggung jangannn.." But of course dalam hati I was like swearing... coz if only I can control the pain, of course I wouldn't be doing that either.. I was very much aware of the possible effects. But I did not have that much choice! 

Yeah, so much for having high pain threshold!

Takde la cam time Awish dulu, leh berlagak macho senyap je time sakit... Now I know the real deal of giving birth, and it isn't pretty! 

Perhaps it's because Harith was heavier? Or just dosa makin bertimbun....? Wallahualam....

Eh back to the story.. So after a few minutes of pushing, tossing and turning, and pushing, and silently swearing all the smartypants in the labour room, Alhamdulillah at 8.23 pm, I finally gave birth to a 3.08 kg baby boy who was 7 days later named Muhammad Harith Irfan bin Saiful Izwan. 

One of the stupid nurses had the cheek to comment right after my baby popped out that "Eh apasal baby tak nangis ni??" and I was like... whattttt??? Apa lagi la dugaan ni... Ya Allah2... risau gile... and right after she said that terus Harith nangis.. I felt like throwing my whole chunk of placenta to her face for freaking me out like that!

and then of course the third stage of labour which was just slightly more bearable than the pushing baby out part itself..During which... the male doctor kept on nagging me as my 'wrong method' of giving birth forced him to do more 'cleaning up' afterwards.. Eh memang kerja ko kot... Cuba ko beranak skali tengok!... 

During that third stage,  Mr Harith was on my chest and yes, we tried bonding mata bertentang mata during our first BF session despite me still being in the tingtong mode since the real effects of the painkiller had just kicked in. Just like during Darwish time, the painkiller effects were a little too late and I was so sleepy, tired, and dizzy, that all I felt like doing then was REST!

Basically, I feel that my second labour was 3 times more painful than my first experience. 

The pain and the medical officers were successful at making me feel even more bodoh this time around for not being able to do all that I should during that stage, as stipulated in medical books. Buweeeekss!

Annnnddd, clearly I don't suggest you people to go to PPUM to deliver your beautiful babies. Yes, konon2nya they are experts, blablabla..but from my experience, almost all the doctors and nurses that I dealt with were idiots. Can you imagine that they only called my husband to come to see me and baby more than 1 hour after delivery time??? Anak aku agaknye dah sempat dengar korg mengumpat suami kat umah and artis tempatan bagai agaknya sebelum dapat diazankan.. Bengong.. Yes, I am still extremely angry up to this day. 

I was still bengong2 when my husband came to see me. and 2 hours later when I woke up, I was already in the ward, with my baby nicely bundled in the hospital crib by my side. 

And, I feel that they did not respect my requests and concerns throughout all the labour processes. Helllo, just because you have your medical degrees does not mean that patients' understanding and worries over their own bodies do not matter! Korang bila dah deal with too many cases at the same time and penat 24 hours tak tidur agaknya, so kenala take into account what we say too. We only have our own bodies and problems to remember in such a situation. So trust us too and make necessary actions. And for God's sake, the emergency button is called an EMERGENCY button for a reason! Never in my life I felt sooo helpless!

The ward was pretty new and in an acceptable condition but all the wards are the same, with 4 beds and two toilets to be shared.  No privacy there and surprisingly all the sinks are clogged to the point I did not even know where and how to wash my hands!!! The toilet was not cleaned often enough that I had to endure a very challenging situation just to perform my basic needs in the toilet when someone else's urine and pubic hair were happily scattered everywhere! 

Even when we were discharged the next day, we requested for a wheel chair and the nurses simply pointed to where they kept it, so my husband had to take it himself from the store room, submitted his IC at the counter, then he wheeled me down to the ground floor, we all waited at the lobby for Saiful to get the car from the parking area and drive it right to the lobby entrance, and after all us were settled in the car, Saiful had to run back up as fast as possible to return the wheel chair to the store from which it was taken and retrieve his IC. Phewwww..

In Muar Hospital, a nurse actually accompanied us up until we got into our car and then took the wheel chair back to where it belonged. Kan simple tu? 

Itu belum lagi for the fact  that they should not have discharged us in the first place since Harith was susceptible to infections at birth, and pediatricians should have monitored him first before letting us go. But not even a single pediatriciam came to our bed despite bugging the doctors in the post-labour ward for a few times. 2 days later, Harith actually had a fever and had to be hospitalised for 8 days. Tau nak halau orang je.. Sigh.  

So yeah, NOT my best decision. 

and stupid me, what made me think PPUM was that good if UM itself is an utter joke. huhuh...

Thank God I had a beautiful baby in my arms, that simply made all other worldly matters not as important.


-4 months old-

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